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Take a look and see how you can help this summer!

Volunteers & College Interns

We are looking for determined and enthusiastic college students to volunteer with us this upcoming summer for one day or the full week. This new program is available for students who have completed at least one full year of college. You will be placed on a few of our worksites being a leader to middle and high school students and assist with home repair. Contact Rajeev Tiwari for more information on how to apply! 


Dining Services

We are always in need of help with food preparation, cooking and serving meals. Each day, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you have time to serve in the morning or evening, please contact us to sign up to help prepare meals.


Worksite Help

We need construction and home repair experts to offer advise to our worksites as they go through their week.  We refer to these experts as “Gurus”.  Our Gurus are available Sunday evenings to meet with the adult worksite leaders to discuss the upcoming projects as well as during the week to visit an assigned set of worksite to help advise on projects.


Worksite Shoppers

Prior to camp, we plan a big day of shopping to prepare for all of our upcoming projects. We also often need shoppers in the evening during the week to help get extra materials the groups find they need as they get in to their projects.



Local churches and sporting or gym facilities (such as the YMCA) are able to offer us help by allowing some of our work crews to shower in their church. If your facility has showers and is willing to open their doors from 3pm-5pm each work day please contact us to discuss the details.


Financial Support

We are recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. As you consider a donation, please check with your workplace about matching funds. Visit our donation page.


Tools and Supplies 

As Impact Richmond continues to grow, we are always in need of more tools to serve our work sites.  If you have tools that you would like to donate or let us borrow, please contact us.  

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